QSC announces Q-SYS control plugins

QSC has announced two Q-SYS control plugins in the Q-SYS designer asset manager, including the Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone plugin and the UCI QR code plugin to allow for drag and drop integration into the Q-SYS ecosystem.

The Sennheiser plugin provides configuration and management capabilities for the TeamConnect Ceiling 2 microphone inside the Q-SYS ecosystem, allowing users to discover the microphone on the same subnet as the Q-SYS core processor, allowing for the monitoring of audio levels and viewing of the vertical and horizontal angle of detected users speaking in real times. 

Each capability can be seen as graphic elements and drag and dropped onto any custom UCI. 

The QSC UCI QR code plugin allows designers to use the plugin to create direct links to a given Q-SYS user control interface, placing them on existing Q-SYS touch screen devices. 

Users can aim phone cameras the QR codes, with the smartphone automatically opening the room’s pre-determined controls through the Q-SYS control app or standard mobile web browser. 

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