QSC adds network amps for Q-Sys integration

QSC launched its CXD-Q network amplifier line, for use with the Q-Sys network audio platform, at ISE.

CXD-Q models combine Flexible Amplifier Summing Technology (FAST) found in the CXD/PLD amplifier platform with Q-Sys network connectivity and processing.

Redundant rear-panel Ethernet jacks on the amplifiers are included for easy Q-Sys integration and adding CXD-Q amplifiers to a new or existing Q-Sys design is done via the Q-Sys Designer Schematic Page.

On-board Mic/Line inputs are audio on-ramps onto the Q-Sys network, providing routable inputs to anywhere in the facility.

The amplifiers are housed in a 2U rack-mount configuration and feature QSC proprietary class-D power devices.

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