QSC adds Cisco and Barco endpoints to Q-SYS control plugin

QSC has announced that its Q-SYS control plugin library has been expanded with Cisco and Barco meeting room endpoints, allowing for integration and a consistent user experience for the Cisco conferencing and collaboration endpoints as well as the Barco ClickShare Conference range of products within the Q-SYS ecosystem.

Both plugins can be accessed through the Q-SYS designer software’s asset manager portal, with the Cisco in-room plugin enabling additional control capabilities of Cisco collaboration endpoints such as Cisco Touch 10 and Webex desk series devices. 
Users can create custom panels and buttons through Cisco’s interface extension editor, triggering specific actions through Q-SYS. 

Additionally, the Barco ClickShare conference plugin allows users to connect, monitor and control Barco ClickShare Conference devices from the same USCI as a user’s in-room AV controls. 

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