Qomo document camera has 5.0MP CMOS sensor

AUTHOR: Inavate

Qomo HiteVision has unveiled a new document camera, the QPC60 that incorporates a 5.0 MP CMOS sensor.

The product also boasts an HDMI video output, SD card slot, microscope adaptor and a remote control with build in laser pointer.

QPC60 also includes a built in microphone, built in speaker and built in full color LCD display. This complete multimedia package makes it possible to use the device to record MP4 video presentations with audio directly to the built in SD card without connecting a computer. Recorded videos and audio can be played back and previewed with the onboard colour LCD display and speaker. Once satisfied with the recorded presentation, the SD card can be removed from the standalone QPC60 document camera and used in computers or playback devices.

The camera features 3x optical zoom and a 5.0 MP image sensor that adds another 2x optical quality smart zoom. The highly flexible mechanical camera arm adds another 8x mechanical zoom and is further supported with a Macro Mode for extremely close up imaging.

The end result is a 48x optical quality zoom system. The QPC60 also supports an additional 4x digital zoom for applications requiring up to 192x total zoom.

To take full advantage of the camera’s high quality optics, macro mode and magnification, the QPC60 LCD display can be used as a lighted stage for viewing colour slides, negatives and microscope slides. The resulting images and live video can be viewed via the HDMI port in 720P high definition.

The new QPC60 portable document camera’s software system supports various presentation modes including picture in picture, image highlighter and mask, image rotation and freeze-frame.

When the QPC60 is connected to a computer via the USB port, the SD card contents can be mounted on the computer like a standard removable storage device.