Qbic Technology debuts Appspace-certified range for hybrid workspaces

Qbic Technology has unveiled Appspace-certified devices to meet the need for hybrid workplaces.

Qbic’s newly Appspace-certified lineup meets the demands of evolving hybrid work environments. From space management to corporate communication devices that integrate with the Appspace platform and mobile app, employers are now equipped to elevate connectivity, productivity, and collaboration within hybrid work environments.

Among the newly certified devices are the TD-0360 BookBuddy for desk booking and the TD-1070 and TD-1060 Slim meeting room booking panels. These purpose-built panels feature vibrant LED indicators for at-a-glance availability and support ESG goals with built-in energy-saving features.

Maintaining employee engagement and consistent corporate communications is vital in hybrid workspaces. Qbic enhances workplace efficiency and culture with its robust, Appspace-certified digital signage players, BXP-300 and BXP-320, ensuring employees are informed and engaged in a hybrid office.

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