Pyramid to show interactive shopping at ISE 2015

Pyramid Computer is to show a range of POS kiosk systems at ISE 2015 including next generation interactive shopping powered by polytouch.

Pyramid Computer will be participating in ISE 2015 together with 3M to highlight the benefits of its polytouch one-stop POS system, as recently installed by TAO Technical Sportswear in Germany.

The next generation POOOX (Point of Online Offline Exchange) offers a new shopping dimension, uniting the in-store world with online commerce.

By installing polytouch systems in their stores, the retailer is able to step outside its traditional value propositions to attract new customers via virtual store enlargement; meaning it can sell more in less physical space. The retailer can also add a wide range of additional services to encourage upselling and faster, more convenient check-out, for example offering related accessories, product finder and product comparison.

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