PureLink releases 4K ePTZ camera

PureLink has announced the launch of its PT-CAM-200, a 4K ePTZ camera designed for conference and boardroom environments.

The PT-CAM-200 features an eight-megapixel sensor with a super wide-angle lens as well as an auto-framing feature that works exclusively at the software level.

The camera can analyse an overall image, panning, tilting and zooming virtually to the section of an image in which a face is recognised, without using mechanical components.

The camera is also equipped with a stereo microphone and a manual control option via remote control at OSD level, requiring one USB-C connection for data transfer and power.

The PT-CAM-200 is compatible with major OS such as Windows, Linux and macOS, and has been tested for use with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Skype, Google Meet and more.

USB Video Class (UVC) is also supported up to version 1.4, allowing the camera to be operated as a UVC-compatible device as well as a full-featured PC.

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