PureLink launches compact presentation switcher

German AV manufacturer PureLink has launched the LU-SHD-310SM presentation switcher which includes a scaler from Luxi Electronics inside.

The switcher is equipped with HDMI, DisplayPort and VGA inputs as well as stereo audio insertion via 3.5mm jack.

The signal is also split into two mirrored HDMI outputs. The integrated scaler converts the input signal of any source into a display compatible output format, so no individual format changes have to be made. This is crucial if more than one source signal is using the presentation switcher and all signals should have the same output format.

The Active Input Detection ensures an automatic signal switching and scaling for user friendly operation.

The analog audio from the front panel 3.5mm jack can be paired with any video input. This audio can then be embedded into the HDMI outputs and can also be mixed with the audio de-embedded from the HDMI or DP input. The full audio stream is also output to the rear panel Phoenix connector all the time. This input can be used with laptops whose HDMI or DP outputs have no audio, or can be used as wireless microphone input for voice presentation.

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