PureLink introduces MX-800 matrix router

PureLink boasts up to 80 inputs and outputs for its cross-platform DVI, HDMI or 3G SDI switching with its MX-8000 cross-platform matrix router.

The router is designed to be field-upgradeable, modular and rugged. The product can be customised in different I/O sizes from 4×4 to 320×320.

Various combinations of I/O boards can be used in the same chassis at the same time. The matrix chassis provides interoperability between different types of boards. Cross-Platform switching is done instantly with no frame delay or latency.

Any type of input signal (fibre optical, DVI, HDMI or Cat5.) can be routed to any type of output connector (fibre optical, DVI, HDMI or Cat5.) and any input, HDMI, DVI or 3G-SDI (including HDCP protected sources,) can be tied to any or all outputs without limitation.

One source can be viewed on multiple displays at the same time and its is equipped with N+1 redundant power supplies. In case of power supply failure, the supplies can be hot swapped.

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