PureLink HDMI cables are field terminatable

PureLink's Pure ID Series offers an all-in-one solution to field-terminate custom length HDMI cables.

When installing cables, this series allows the installer to quickly and easily customise the lengths of HDMI cables. This makes them suited to A/V, digital signage, or any other application requiring specific lengths.

This connector also eliminates any excess cabling behind the rack or inside a wall, and resolves the issue of fitting the HDMI connector through the conduit.

All PureID Series Products conform to HDMI 1.4 standards and can be terminated at lengths of up to 20m with resolutions of 1080p and 12-bit deep color. Greater lengths of up to 45m can be achieved by using PureLink HDMI extender products like the HE0020-1.

The HDMI connector is terminated by using an IDC-process (insulation displacement connection), which requires only a blade and our PureID hand tool. The process is simple and requires minimal training.

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