PTC updates Vuforia AR platform

PTC has announced the release of Vuforia 6, the updated version of its platform for augmented reality (AR) development.

The upgraded platform now offers VuMark, a customisable visual code that enables experiences in AR to be attached to any product or machine, either manually using a decal or automatically during the manufacturing process. VuMark informs a user that a user that an AR experience is available, and provides instructions for assembly, use, repair, or inspection.

The Vuforia Engine provides engineers with advanced computer vision technology that configures the precise 3D location of certain objects in the camera’s field of view. By using this location, a developer can create AR content that will appear anchored to the object below. With newly added support for the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), developers can extend existing Vuforia projects to Microsoft HoloLens and tablets including the Surface Pro 4 and Surface Book and use Microsoft Visual Studio to add AR functionality to existing UWP applications.

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