PSCo launches Samsung 130-inch LED display in reseller bundle

PSCo has announced an all-in-one LED system aimed at the corporate market. Designed for larger meeting rooms and auditoriums, the Samsung 130-inch LED bundle provides visibility even in brightly-lit spaces, meeting the growing demands for supersized presentations and signage screens.

The bundle combines Samsung’s 1.5mm fine pixel pitch LED technology with High Dynamic Range (HDR) picture refinement, the Peerless SmartMount videowall mounting system and technical assistance from PSCo’s dedicated LED technical team, trained in LED display deployments.

“Presentations require audiences to be captivated, but even the largest LCD screens are not big enough for some modern meeting room spaces and projection often doesn’t hold the clarity of image when faced with bright environments,” comments Liam Winter, head of LED for PSCo.

The new screen and bundle is in stock and available today.

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