Prowise launches 98-in touchscreen whiteboard

Prowise has announced the launch of its largest touchscreen yet, releasing the 98-in variant Touchscreen Ten.

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten 98-in model includes a ProWrite touch technology glass plate and display bonding for a ‘pen-on-paper’ writing experience, providing the features, connection ports and software as the rest of the Prowise range of interactive whiteboards. 

A 4K Ultra HD IPS panel is includes with a 2.1 Dolby audio soundbar and six wide area microphones.

An optional Prowise MOVE camera is available to create a conference solution for organising digital conferences or meetings.

The screen also includes 40 touch points and ships with two pens. A USB-C port is positioned at the front of the screen, allowing installers to use one cable for touch, 60w power, audio and video.

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