Prowise debuts second gen touchscreen whiteboard

Prowise has unveiled its Touchscreen Ten G2 for educational environments, designed to link technical specifications to software certified by global cyber security providers.

The whiteboard is equipped with Android 11, as well as four pens with pick-up recognition, an anti-bacterial glass plate as well as educational tools and apps.

Education and MDM software available on the touchscreen is certified by the BSI global cyber security authority.

The whiteboard includes pick-up recognition technology, with display bonding and a nano texture etched within the glass to enable palm and object recognition functions.

Video conferencing platforms such as Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, Skype and Zoom are supported for remote teaching. Users can also access frequently used digital teaching tools such as a mind map, memory, number line, proportion table and a work planner.

The Prowise Touchscreen Ten G2 also includes an anti-bacterial glass plate that kills 99% of common bacteria for five years. Built-in sensors also allow the quality of humidity, temperature, C02, gasses and dust particles to be measured locally and remotely.

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