Prowise brings Teams, Classroom and Meet to touchscreens

A new OS from Prowise has ensured that apps such as Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom and Meet, YouTube and Netflix can be used on all its touchscreens without a PC or external module.

Prowise does not exclusively launch the update for the most recent model and flag ship the Prowise Touchscreen. The software will also become fully available for previous models such as the EntryLine UHD and ProLine+ UHD in Q1 2021. With the update, screens that are 4 of 5 years old now have the latest features, dozens of apps and the latest privacy requirements. 

After the update, all Prowise touchscreens have a wide range of education apps including Microsoft Office, Outlook, Skype, PowerPoint, Teams, Google Meet, Docs, Classroom, Earth, Netflix, YouTube and Zoom.

The apps run fully on the operating system of the touchscreen, meaning there is no need for a PC module or other external module in order to use them.

Prowise provides its touchscreens with the latest software for at least 5 years. The company followed through with this promise before by adding AirPlay, Chromecast and Miracast. These over-the-air (OTA) updates are sent to the end users via the 100% safe, local and Prowise-owned servers.

“The screen that you purchased in 2017 is now good to go for another couple of years. Since all hardware, software and firmware was fully developed under Prowise management, we are able to offer this unique service for free to our users, as virtually the only party in the world who can do so”, says Prowise director Michael Ahrens.

In addition to the completely new interface, where the background can be personalised entirely, the screens also have the latest version of writing and annotation software ProNote. With the special direct annotation mode, the user can write over each input source, website or app with the touch of a button. Notes can be shared directly or integrated in the whiteboard software package ProNote.

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