Prolight + Sound sees LD Systems introduce Maila

Maila (Modular All-Round Intelligent Line Array) is taking over the LD Systems’ stand at this year’s Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt.

On stand 11.0 #A21, LD Systems is showing its scalable sound reinforcement system for the professional rental market.??

Maila comprises four basic elements: the Maila Sat satellite module, the Maila Col column module, the Maila Spa amplifier module, and the Maila Sub subwoofer.

SmartLink+ technology enables wireless connection (power + signal) as well as automatic detection of the individual modules via robust aluminium rails, while the invisible LogoLink antennas offer wireless connection with ranges of up to 30m under practical conditions. Using the free Maila App (iPad OS), each Maila system can also be configured quickly, easily and in detail – including the calculation of Sat angles and wireless system updates.??

Maila’s patented EasySplay mechanism allows users to adjust the tilt of each satellite almost infinitely between 0- and 8-degrees. The angle can be adjusted with one hand via a rotary handle, even under load.

The Maila Sat [pictured right] comes in a unibody aluminium enclosure, is a genuine line array element and houses five 1-in tweeters in front of a 6.5-in midrange driver, arranged in coaxial design based on Advanced WaveAhead technology. Via the SonicGuide (two combined waveguides), the speakers in the Maila Sat are brought together with virtually no interference. The rotating handle for the EasySplay mechanism is located on the rear side of the housing of each Maila Sat.

A full-range column module Maila Col [pictured left] has four 6.5-in active woofers. It includes a 4-channel DSP amplifier with 2.5 kW of total power, which drives both the column itself and the Maila Sat satellites. Therefore, Maila sets with a column module can be used as a ground stack variant or as a flown array consisting of Maila Col and up to eight Maila Sat units. On the ground, Maila Col’s interposed column module allows ground stack sound reinforcement to be implemented that is up to 3.2m higher than conventional systems and, with its greater throw, enables uniform sound coverage even in the far field.??

Maila Spa is an amplifier module in a unibody aluminium design. It features an integrated 1.25 kW power amplifier with SysCore DSP for driving up to eight Maila Sat satellites. Via the SmartLink+ system, the satellites can be easily plugged in and wirelessly supplied with audio and power. In addition, the SmartLink+ technology allows independent determination of the installed satellites for optional automatic or manual DSP processing. As with the Maila Col column module, Maila Spa allows users to implement ground stack configurations with a spacer rod (included in the Maila S set), as well as flown systems with the EasyMount+ mounting adapter.??

Forming the basis of every Maila system, Maila Sub is a 2.5 kW double 15-in subwoofer with a bandpass design that uses SysCore DSP. The acoustic concept of the Maila Sub is based on a planar wave bandpass design with quarter wave horn and symmetrical driver design.

LD Systems offers Maila in five sets: Maila S, Maila M, Maila L, Maila XL and Maila XXL [pictured below]. Maila S offers a full-range stereo system with 7.5 kW of total power, while the large, flown Maila XL and Maila XXL systems are suitable for clubs, large conferences or halls, and medium-sized festivals.

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