Projectiondesign’s F82 now shipping

Projectiondesign has announced the F82 3 series large-format projector is now shipping. The 3-chip DLP projector produces images at 10,000 lumens brightness.

Available with native 1080p and WUXGA resolutions, and compatible with a range of signal formats, makes the F82 series ideal for reproduction of high definition video or data-centric applications.

Building on the company’s own 3-chip DLP design, the F82 series features proprietary Advanced Color Optical Processing (ACOP), which combines both fixed and motorised optical filters to enable optical calibration with near infinite accuracy and without any loss of bit depth.

When combined with projectiondesign’s RealColor colour management system, ACOP ensures on-site colour calibration with performance to achieve any desired colour standard. The dual lamp optical engine with "hot swap" capability allows failsafe operation for critical applications. Common to all projectiondesign models, the F82 is compatible with ProNet software for network-based control, monitoring and calibration.