Projectiondesign’s F35 wqxga now shipping

Projectiondesign’s F35 wqxga projector, using DLP technology from Texas Instruments, is now shipping.

The projector has nearly double the pixel count of standard HD resolution projectors.

Furthermore it halves the need for projector channels in large visualisation systems and reduces maintenance requirements. In complex systems, the company says, the higher resolution enables fewer channels, fewer replacement lamps, less channels to align and half the calibration complexity. The F35 wqxga uses projectiondesign’s RealColor colour management suite.

The F35 wqxga boasts newly designed optics and lenses.

Other specifications include brightness up to 7500 ANSI lumens, partly due to projectiondesign’s DuArch Dual Illumination Architecture as well as application specific colour wheels, networking and remote asset management.

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