Projectiondesign launches 11,0000 lumen F85

Projectiondesign's F85 3-chip DLP projector is a 2D and 3D capable unit that boasts a brightness of up to 11,000 lumens, and a contrast ratio of 14,000:1.

The projector is available in WUXGA or 1080p resolution versions as well as a version that can optically switch between REC709 and DCI P7 colour spaces.

As well as 2D imaging, the projector can be used in active or passive 3D stereoscopic mode. The F85 series can display sequential 3D at up to 120 Hz, as well as frame rate convert any input signal to 120 Hz with the X-PORT DCC120, and combine two input streams to a single sequential.

The projector has Advanced Color Optical Processing (ACOP), which combines both fixed and motorized optical filters to enable accurate optical calibration without any loss of bit depth. It can be combined with projectiondesign’s RealColor color management system, for on-site color calibration.

It is available with a set of optical lenses for a range of focal distances.