Projection screens: Projecta unveils DescenderPro

Projecta is releasing the DescenderPro Series, a motorized projection screen for ceiling recessed installations with a flat tab-tensioned projection surface.

The projection screen manufacturer says the new product offers installation features with a new motorized ALR surface option and high-resolution HD Progressive materials. The quick-connect system allows installers to click-in the entire roller, that includes the motor and screen surface, after installation of the case. The new case design offers a clean finish without gaps or visible screws, after attaching the bottom plate to the case. The case and screen surface assembly can be ordered separately or complete. 

It is available with 16K ready HD progressive for high resolution projection, in a tab-tensioned (HD Progressive) and a non-tensioned version, up to a width of 400 cm and as a new motorized ALR option.

Custom size options are available for both the case and projection screens surface. The case is available in any desired colour.

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