Projecta’s SightLine cable-drop system now shipping

Projecta, a brand of Legrand AV has debuted its SightLine cable-drop system, a wire suspension system designed to make projection screens conspicuous both in and out of use.

The wire suspension system allows a projection screen to appear floating when in use, and discreetly hidden when not in use, allowing installers to position a projection screen in a specified position using any length of the 180cm cable-drop without the use of a black-drop or on-site adjustment of positions.

SightLine also includes DescenderPro ceiling recessed projection screen, designed to replace the standard black border above a projection area with four thin cables that can be extended up to 170cm on site.

Limit settings can be used to position a projection screen to an ideal viewing height, allowing for quick changes to the position of a projection area where necessary.

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