Projecta unveils vertical and pivoting projector lifts

Projecta has introduced two concealed motorised projector lifts, the Pro-Lift and the Pro-Lift Pivot.

The Pro-Lift is a vertically raised lift and the Pro-Lift Pivot is a pivoting lift. The Projecta projector lifts are complete with a universal projector mount. Both universal lifts can be mounted in either a suspended or a drywall ceiling.

The Pro-Lift is a vertically raised lift with a heavy-duty steel construction using rack and pinion or screw drives instead of chain mechanisms. The Pro-Lift is available in two versions. The Pro-Lift 25 moves 25 cm down from the ceiling and the Pro-Lift 38 moves down 38 cm. Both versions have a load capacity of 18 kg.

The Pro-Lift Pivot has a tilting feature with a fixed pivot point to help insure proper projector alignment. The projector lift features a built-in potential free contacts and has an internally mounted control switch. The Pro-Lift Pivot has a load capacity of 11 kg.

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