Projecta launches Extensa for large venues

Projecta, a manufacturer of projection screens, is releasing the Extensa Series, a large motorised projection screen for medium to large venues with a flat tab-tensioned projection surface.

The tensioning cable system prevents warping of the surface and ensures an even lateral tension for a flat viewing area. The Extensa series extends the range of Projecta’s tab-tensioned projection screens to a width of 6 metres.

The Extensa is designed for high resolution projection with a flat surface in combination with the HD Progressive projection materials. HD Progressive offers projection surfaces designed for 4K and Ultra HD. HD Progressive prevents pixel loss and “noise” in the image and is formulated to create a surface free of microscopic variances.

Extensa screens can be mounted to the wall or ceiling using three brackets which can be laterally positioned. Custom size options are available for both the case and projection screens surface. In addition the case is available in any desired colour for optimal integration into any interior.

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