Projecta Expands the Da-Plex Rigid Rear Projection Screen Range

Projecta has announced the addition of six high performance optical coatings as well as a High Contrast tint to the company’s Da-Plex rigid rear projection range.

The expanded choice in optical coatings ensures a projection screen solution that meets the demands of any installation and projected content. The DA-75 WA and DA-100 WA (Wide Angle) optical coatings are designed for use in applications where a short throw lens is required. Due to the increased viewing angle, these coatings perform well with wide format screens. From the viewer's perspective, side-to-side uniformity of the screen is maximised.

Moderate to higher gain optical coatings may be specified in situations with additional ambient light or when a projector is used with moderate light output.  Further, an optional High Contrast tint is now also available. This option significantly enhances the perceived quality of video images. By making the dark elements of an image appear even darker, perceived contrast is increased.

Da-Plex is a rigid rear projection screen made of an acrylic substrate offering high resolution diffusive reflection for permanent installations.

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