Programming wand simplifies set-up

SP Controls has introduced a Programming Wand (PXE-PGM-TOOL) for the new PixiePlus AV device controller. According to the company the Programming Wand makes expansion of PixiePlus functions, such as RS232 control, extremely easy to implement.

It is not necessary to remove the PixiePlus controller from its installed location.

The Programming wand connects to the user’s PC via USB and contains an application that allows the user to set up more complex configurations, such as specifying RS232 strings; the application will automatically start when the device is connected to the computer. Once the user has specified the codes that need to be sent for each button on the PixiePlus, the Programming Wand is disconnected from the PC and carried over to the PixiePlus to be programmed. A simple trigger press conveys the required set-up information to the device via its IR port.

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