Proel has new range of installation speakers

Proel has replaced its Spark and MO/CSE series with a single range of installation speakers, the XEOS series.

The series includes three two-way surface-mount models: XE35TB/TW with 3.5” woofer, XE55TB/TW, with 5” woofer and XE65TB/W, with 6.5” woofer. The newly designed front baffle features a full protection grille and speakers are available in black or white.

Speakers include horn-loaded dome tweeters and the improved crossover filters. The series is suitable for voice paging and background music. All three models feature a c-shaped bracket.

Two square-shape two-way ceiling models are available, XE55CTX and XE65CTX, featuring 5" and 6.5" coaxial speakers and 70V/100V/8ohm operation. The round-shape ceiling models include the XE65CT, a two-way coaxial system with 6.5" woofer, and the XE51CT, a full-range 5" model.

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