Procab enables DIY HDMI

Procab is tackling custom HDMI installations with the launch of its HDMI Contractor Series that allows users to assemble their own HDMI cable.

The system allows assembly of HDMI cable without any soldering, heat shrinking tubes or other complex operations.

There are two different types of bulk cable available with a thickness of 24 AWG and 26 AWG, which can be cut at the desired length and afterwards a 19-pin HDMI connector can be mounted on it.
For On-Site testing and assembly of the cable, a special contractor toolbox is available which contains everything you need to easily compose your own HDMI cable. Such as a Crimping tool, a cable tester, and 20 connectors for assembly.

The assembly of the connectors on the cable requires the installer to unwrap the cable jacket, insert the cables into the right order in the two cable holders, bring them together to the HDMI connector and use a crimping tool to finish it off.

Afterwards, the cable tester can be used to determine if the connections are made properly.

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