Problems with Gloves when Operating a Touch Screen

Projected Capacitive Touch screens are used in an extensive range of applications such as Medical, Industrial or Outdoor environments. Some of these applications will require thick gloves to be worn while using the device but, as glove sizes and thickness may vary, some capacitive touch panels have trouble recognising a touch or worse, give a false touch.

AMT now offers a range PCI Touch Panels with the new PenMount controllers that are especially designed to be used when wearing gloves.

Whether you wear work gloves for operating machinery, wear latex gloves in the operating theatre, woollen gloves for outdoor operation or rubber and leather gloves when near high voltage equipment, these Touch Panels are accurate and smooth in operation.

AMT touch solutions just work.

At RDS we work closely with AMT and because we are a dedicated supplier of displays and embedded boards, we can also offer bespoke solutions. If you have an application and need a dedicated PCI Touch Solution – then talk to us on +44 (0)1959 563345

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