Pro Control controllers and processors ship in UK

AV distributor Invision UK has announced the Pro Control range of controls and processors is now shipping in the UK.

Pro Control is a division of RTI designed to provide installers with a range of simple-to-program, robust and powerful remote controls and processors.

The Pro24.r and Pro24.z touchscreen controllers and the ProLink.r and ProLink.z central control processors are programmed using Pro Control’s wizard-based software, available only to dealers. This includes "auto program", which can reduce programming time.

Pro Control devices including a variety of control options and integration with Apple devices and PCs. The Pro24.r and Pro24.z controllers feature high-resolution 2.4" LCD touch-screens, programmable five-way joystick (Pro24.z), and backlit hard buttons.

When paired with Pro Control’s ProLink.r and ProLink.z central control processors, the Pro24.r and Pro24.z are capable of taking full command of many electronic systems.

The ProLink.r and ProLink.z proc processors feature routable IR ports with adjustable output strength, two voltage-sensing inputs for improved management of connected devices and Ethernet ports for network control of an unlimited number of devices.

The ProLink.z processor features an integrated 2.4-GHz ZigBee antenna for bidirectional communication via the Pro24.z touchscreen controller, in addition to two two-way RS-232 ports for advanced control and monitoring of devices. The ProLink.r features an integrated 433-MHz RF antenna for one-way communication via the Pro24.r touch-screen controller. Both processors integrate with the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

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