Primeview unveils super narrow gap line

Primeview USA is introducing the latest generation to its flagship Eco line of LED displays.

This eco-friendly focused line now offers a 24/7 rated solutions of 55” super-narrow gap video wall display with two optional sizing of a total bezel gap, optional levels brightness and the ability to embed HDBaseT capabilities.

The four units added to the range are the following: PRV55SNG01HDBT - an HDBaseT LED display with 3.5mm total gap and 500 NITS, PRV55SNG01 an identical unit but non-HDBaseT, the PRV55SNGHDBT – an HDBaseT LED display with 3.6mm total gap and 700 NITS, and the PRV55SNG, a non-HDBaseT unit with 3.6 mm total gap and 700 NITS.

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