Primacoustic now shipping Hercules impact-resistant panels

Primacoustic has launched Hercules absorption panels, designed to withstand environments such as gymnasiums, offices, classrooms, and other public spaces.

Hercules Impact-resistant panels are manufactured from the same high-density (6pcf/96kg/m3) glass wool core as Primacoustic Broadway, but the face of the panel is covered with a rigid fiberglass layer.

This facing allows the panel to effectively absorb most frequencies, but the protection will prevent damage occurring from accidental contact.

This durable facing even allows for the use of thumbtacks in the panel, making it suitable  for office spaces or schools.
Hercules panels measure 24x48x2-in (60 cm x 120 cm x 5 cm) with square edges, and are available in beige or grey acoustically transparent fabric.

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