PreSonus launches new line of loudspeakers for fixed installs

Following the launch of the StudioLive 328AIActive Integration Loudspeakers, PreSonus has announced two new cabinet versions and companion accessories designed specifically for installation.

Available in white and black, StudioLive 328i cabinets are built for flown installations without handles and pole mounts. Internal grille cloth masks the drivers so that they blend into their environments. A companion yoke mount is also available, as is an update to PreSonus' SL Room Control speaker-management software that allows the user to turn off the front-panel blue power-status LED.

In all other respects the new StudioLive 328i-W (white) and 328i-B (black) are identical to the StudioLive 328AI. The compact, powered, 3-way loudspeakers rely on a custom-designed, 8inh coaxial speaker with a 1.75in titanium compression driver to reproduce the mid and high frequencies and dual 8in ferrite speakers for low-frequency reproduction.

Triamplified, Class D power amplifiers deliver a combined 2,000 watts of power.

Each speaker includes a USB Wi-Fi LAN adapter as well as the SL-Control-SPK option card to connect to SL Room Control software over a wireless network. SL Room Control is a system-configuration app for Mac OS X, Windows, and iPad that provides both individual and grouped speaker control and includes graphic and parametric EQ, 8 notch filters, muting, soloing, and level control, in addition to performance monitoring (real-time temperature, click detection, and excursions). All parameters are automatically stored in the User layer onboard the loudspeaker.

A network-setup wizard is included to quickly connect each speaker to a wireless network.

An included SL-Control-SPK option installed in each speaker can be replaced with the SL-Dante-SPK Dante option card (available now) or an AVB option card (expected Q2 2015).

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