Presentation Switchers debuts Cloud Control

Presentation Switchers (PS) has debuted Cloud Control, a browser-based control software designed for site administrators who require control of PS enabled conference rooms.

Cloud Control can manage a single PS presentation switcher or thousands of units at a single site or multiple sites and is suitable for mid to large size companies with multiple conference rooms or colleges and universities with campus-wide classrooms and presentation spaces. It is developed for both desktop and mobile computing devices. 

Support staff can associate devices into groups for quick access. Devices can be grouped by campus, buildings, or floors where these rooms are located. Staff can respond to customer inquiries from anywhere they have Internet access. Cloud Control can modify volume, turn on and off key features of PS devices and reset devices back to factory defaults.

The browser-based application is written on an Amazon AWS server. Cloud Control enabled products use 256-bit encrypted communications between the device and the server. Content is never shared with the screen, so any potential exposure is limited. It supports a large range of PS presentation switcher products, including the PS105, 2 X 1 switchers, as well as the PS600 modular switchers with up to 10 X 2 configurations.

Cloud Control tracks how often a single room or a group of rooms are used. The software tracks this usage in real-time using graphic images displayed by day or month. Cloud Control can also tell how often the multimedia portion of the presentation system is used. This information can be used to maximise capital utilisation or assist end users in knowing the best day and time to schedule conferences in any given room.

AV presentation systems using both PS switcher products and Cloud Control can use the company’s automatic device registration service. PS products ordered with this service are automatically linked and show the moment they are connected to the Internet. Administrators immediately see the devices within the Cloud Control configuration the moment they log into the system.

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