Premier Mounts upgrades audio on UNI series

Premier Mounts is shipping an audio upgrade kit for its UNI series of short-throw projector arm mounts.

Uni-Audio features the company’s CPA-50 Compact Power Amplifier and Uni-Spkr two-way speaker pack. Both are designed for use in classrooms, meeting-rooms and event-venue environments.

The CPA-50 (1.6”L x 4.3”W x 3.1”D) powers the Uni-Spkr speakers and supports multiple stereo inputs, which makes it suitable for connecting to a projector, microphone and other sound sources. The rack-mountable 50W RMS amp features three line-level audio inputs, plus one line-level microphone input, and provides separate line gain and microphone gain adjustments. Input switching is not necessary; all signals are mixed inside the amp at a 1:1:1 ratio. The CPA-50 also features a control port for an optional 10K-Ohm volume control potentiometer (sold separately by Premier Mounts as the WP-50).

Premier Mounts says the CPA-50 fits inside the GearBox which sits at the base of the UNI projector wall mount. The amplifier’s standby mode automatically activates if no input signal is detected for 20 minutes and drops the power consumption to 0.8W.

The Uni-Spkr pack includes two 80/100W RMS speakers (8.4”L x 10.4”W x 3.6”D) with clear, dynamic sound for all purposes, including lectures and multimedia presentations. The speakers have 5.25” woofers and directional 1” tweeters, and their speaker grills can be removed for tweeter adjustments.

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