Premier Mounts shipping short throw projector solutions

Premier Mounts has begun shipping its universal short throw projector mounts in white or black and with audio options.

The company says its projector wall mounts, the UNI-STA and UNI-EXT (with extension arm), are easy to install due to their 24” mounting pattern and mounting hardware pack for various types of wall. The base for all mounts is the GearBox to manage and secure A/V equipment.

As an option, the mounts may be configured with a complete audio system. The UNI-STA+Audio and UNI-EXT+Audio are designed with two 100 Watt speakers and a 50 Watt amplifier.

Audio features include:
  • Two 100 Watt two-way speakers with a 5.25-inch woofer and one-inch directional tweeters
  • A 50 Watt power amplifier residing in the integrated GearBox enclosure
  • Four inputs, including separate line-level mic input

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