Premier Mounts’ MagnaGuide in new product

Premier Mounts is shipping its CMF Cable Flat-Panel Mount with patent-pending MagnaGuide installation plate that allows the cable adapter to snap onto the back plate and slide easily into place.

This is designed to make it easy for the installer to secure the flat-panel in the right position without having to see where the mounting base is located on the wall. The kickstand feature holds the flat-panel up to 4.28 inches away from the wall to allow room to connect AV components.

The V-shaped 6 × 3 in. back plate mounts on a single stud and is designed to hold flat-panel displays up to 65 lb. with a VESA mounting pattern ranging from 200 × 200mm to 600 × 400mm. The four flat-panel anchors are installed to the back of the display.

To adjust the tension, the cables are pulled until tight and the excess is wrapped around the adapter’s teeth to hold it in place. The self-adjusting cable mount holds the display close to the wall while the teeth ensure that the cables are out of the way.

An in-wall box, such as the GB-INWAVP can also be added for addiotnal equipment storage and to hide power cables behind the display.

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