Premier Mounts introduces ceiling box

Premier Mounts has introduced the 12” x 24” ceiling equipment storage GearBox.

The GB-AVSTOR4 is an option for storing A/V electronic components above the false ceiling to provide a clean, organised classroom or meeting room environment. It also replaces half of a standard 2’ x 2’ false ceiling tile, and its perforated lid looks like a standard HVAC return register when closed to blend in with the rest of the ceiling. 
The compact unit extends the lower room area and is sealed to the plenum space above.
The GB-AVSTOR4 features an internal detachable equipment mounting tray to secure electronic gear, a removable locking door with perforated grid pattern to allow for ventilation and equipment service, single and dual-gang knockouts with removable cover plates for knockouts that are not in use, and a Quick Lock cable kit for easy ceiling installations.
It also has concrete, truss and wood stud mounting hardware, cable ties to secure equipment to the mounting tray, and three different key combinations available (customers may select different keys or all keyed alike).

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