Premier Mounts expands model-specific mounts

Premier Mounts has expanded its line of model-specific projector mounts in an effort to cut installation time.

The mounting plate is attached to the projector, then it can be hooked and fastened to the mount. Premier Mounts recently released model-specific Fine-Tune Projector (FTP) and PDS mounts for projectors from Sanyo (FTP/PDS-088), Mitsubishi (FTP/PDS-089), Sharp (FTP/PDS-091), NEC (FTP/PDS-092) and Christie (FTP/PDS-093).

Recently-released model-specific mounts:

FTP/PDS-088: Sanyo PLC-XM150L
FTP/PDS-089: FTP/PDS-089
FTP/PDS-091: Sharp PGD2710X
FTP/PDS-093: Christie LX605, Christie LX400

The company offers a locator on 

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