PPDS unveils 'zero power' digital signage range at ISE 2023

PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips professional displays, has announced the launch of a new range of full size and full colour ‘zero power’ Philips Tableaux advanced colour ePaper (ACeP) signage displays.

Each is capable of delivering 24/7 content, while running entirely unplugged and without using a single kilowatt of electricity. 

The Philips Tableaux displays from PPDS mark the introduction of a brand new product category. They are (what the manufacturer is claiming to be) the world’s first 60,000 colour (including blue) ePaper signage product launched by a leading display manufacturer. Designed to deliver cost and energy savings for customers operating in a variety of verticals, such as retail, corporate, public spaces, and transportation.

Available in 25-in 16:9, and 28-in 32:9 stretched variants at launch, Philips Tableaux displays are for businesses across the sectors looking to digitise their paper-based signage delivering messaging such as store opening hours, timetables, and menus, or promotions and offers, or for those looking to swap out their current digital models (where features may far exceed day-to-day requirements, adding unnecessary running costs) with colourful, power-free, updatable Android SoC displays. 

Suitable for any environment, including in spaces with limited or no access to power sources, the Tableaux range will show content without even being plugged in or using power at all. Light enough to be moved around easily when required, the displays only require connection to an electricity source when content is being updated, and immediately revert to zero power upon completion.

Content updates can be managed manually, or entirely remotely using PPDS’ in-house or third-party professional display control and management platforms. The Philips Tableaux Series will also soon be compatible with the PPDS Wave cloud-based fleet management platform, designed and built exclusively for Philips professional displays. 

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