PPDS unveils Philips LED 6000 series for corporate use

PPDS has introduced the Philips LED 6000 series for corporate use inside meeting rooms, boardrooms, auditoriums and lobbies.

The Philips 6000 Series is a new range of beyond 8K, direct view LED displays, designed exclusively for the creation of 16:9 or 32:9 displays, often used in corporate environments or any place where standard ratio content is being played.

Unveiled at ISE 2022 in Barcelona, the new Philips 6000 Series LED is available in three 27-in landscape panels, with a native 16:9 resolution, and across three different pixel pitch variants – 1.26mm (27BDL6112L), 1.583mm (27BDL6115L), and 1.9mm (27BDL6119L) – the Philips 6000 Series has been designed for 24/7, round-the-clock use and comes equipped with a range of dedicated features and capabilities.

Philips L-Line offers the flexibility to adapt to any indoor environment, regardless of room size or shape – whether it’s installing a traditional 16:9 videowall, an immersive 32:9 wide screen, or a vast array flowing round doorways and other openings for unique branding and messaging opportunities.

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