PPDS launches E-Line 4K interactive display range at ISE 2022

The Android SoC E-Line has been unveiled at ISE 2022, incorporating HyFlex capabilities for learning spaces.

The E-Line includes a dedicated whiteboard and preinstalled, cloud-based educational software features. 

The wall mountable range is available in 65-in, 75-in and 86-in size variants across two model categories to suit a range of budgets and requirements. 

Each display model incorporates direct on-screen writing and drawing experiences, achieved using a hand, a passive pen or an active pen. 

A mouse and keyboard can be connected, with multi-touch interaction support to enable multiple users to interact physically with the screen simultaneously. 

Wireless connectivity options are also embedded for sharing and recording of content via email or through the cloud. Up to 64 users can connect to the E-Line simultaneously using a BYOD device running on ChromeOS, macOS, Windows, iOS or Android. 

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