Powersoft updates M-Force linear transducer

Powersoft has updated its M-Force linear transducer, launching the M-Force 301P02 and associated reference designs.

Originally launched in 2013, the new M-Force linear motor transducer features high voltage and high current connectors with a range of internal improvements.

The M-Force’s moving magnet linear motor is matched to a purpose-built diaphragm, using a new coupling and an improved lightweight chassis for improved thermal dissipation. A front spider is also included to stabilise the design.

Powersoft also created new reference designs to increase the SPL capabilities of its systems, with all designs able to be accessed for free alongside a cut list and pre-sets that can be managed using ArmoníaPlus software.

The new reference designs have been created by Powersoft to help users increase the SPL capabilities of their systems, whether they are speaker builders, sound system owners, or installation professionals. All of the designs are free and come along with a cut list and presets that can be managed using the company’s ArmoníaPlus software.

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