Powersoft to showcase dynamic music distribution and mover at InfoComm 2022

Powersoft will showcase its dynamic music distribution as well as its haptic feedback technology Mover at the show.

Dynamic music distribution will be visually demonstrated across three walls of the company’s booth, providing an opportunity to showcase dynamic routing of music and other signal sources between different zones across multiple amplifiers independent of source location without a centralised DSP. 

Powersoft will also show its haptic feedback technology, mover, a direct-drive/tactile transducer designed to create immersive experiences. 

Mover can be used in immersive environments such as experiential installs, 4D cinemas, gaming chairs, within walls and underneath dancefloors. 

Powersoft will also partner with content creator Blackbox Audio to curate spatial audio content that aligns with the low-end frequencies of Mover. 

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