Powersoft intros integration kit for DigiMod amps

Powersoft has introduced the DigiMod Integration Kit (IK) that offers components to design a complete system for active loudspeakers around DigiMod amp modules.

Two aluminium heatsink plates, both equipped with PowerCon input and output, are available to accommodate even DigiMod PFC models.

The customer is able to choose between two different DSP solutions including interface panels with I/O connectors, LEDs, programming and networking connections.

Part of the DigiMod IK platform is Armonía ProManager, a dedicated software tool which configures IK combinations and makes the final product accessible in the latest software version of the Armonía Pro Audio Suite (2.5.0) as a custom branded item.

Purpose designed for the configuration of DigiMod IK Series modules, the tool is also compatible with the full range of Powersoft products.

The update has also been designed to offer improved functionality for the DigiMod DSP-D modules, since it features parameter setting control, preset banks management, group information and partial preset locking.

Assembly of the DigiMod IK requires three parts to be screwed together in order for OEM customers to develop their own line of active loudspeakers.

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