Powersoft introduces AES67-compatible Duecanali and Quattrocanali amplifiers

Powersoft has introduced AES67-compliant versions of its Duecanali and Quattrocanali DSP+ amplifiers, supported by a free update to ArmoníaPlus software.

The new models, titled Duecanali DSP+ and Quattrocanali DSP+, can receive AoIP streams compliant with the AES67 standard, enabling streaming AoIP interoperability across different networking systems.

The new models can receive AES67 streams natively by connecting a dedicated AoIP networking port to an AES67 network. A new version of ArmoníaPlus monitoring software is also supported by the amplifiers.

All Powersoft amplifiers include a Dante card which can be configured to work with AES67 audio streams by enabling AES67 mode in ArmoníaPlus or Dante Controller.

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