Powersoft gets patent for DEVA technology

Powersoft has patented a new technology that incorporates solar power with bi-directional wireless AV communications after releasing the first product using the concept, DEVA 1S.

The product consists of a power/control module and an interface module. The power/control module contains a solar panel, batteries, as well as processing, WiFi communication, and amplification. The interface module consists of loudspeakers, light, and optional devices such as camera, microphone and telemetric sensors.

The DEVA 1S is designed to be efficient for long periods of operation and stand-by use. The battery, which is charged through the solar panel, offers approximately 30 days of stand-by. The integration of an ultra-efficient Class D amplifier into the unit helps support up to 40 hours of continuous audio playback equivalent to five days at eight hours/day. An energy-efficient high-powered white LED supplies optical signalling or lighting as video image support for up to five hours.

It can be installed permanently or temporarily. It can be mounted to walls or poles, allowing the power/control panel to be aimed at the sun and the interface module at the audience. Weather resistant moulded plastic enclosures are available in custom colours to match specific applications.

WiFi communication is utilised for setup, upload and bi-directional real-time operation as well as real-time feeds for music or announcements. Playback of locally stored audio is supplied via an internal SD memory card. Remote PC software aids in highly customised setup and operation, including grouping of DEVA units in zones where required.

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