Powersoft embeds dynamic routing in fixed install amplifier platforms

Powersoft’s dynamic routing capabilities on its fixed install amplifier platforms now allow system integrators (SIs) to scale inputs and zones without a centralised DSP.

The amplifier platforms allow SIs to replace most of the outboard required to manage, shape, and share audio sources throughout the various zones in a variety of dynamic music distribution applications by merging a routing matrix, networking capabilities, and digital signal processing between multiple amplifiers in different locations.

This dynamic routing capability enables advanced routing options of audio signals – whether mono, stereo, or multichannel between devices – and controls signals in an automated fashion, with less cable runs.

SIs can handle signal routing, volume control and mute, zoning, and scene selection through a series of dedicated UIs: the Wall Mount Passive and the new Wall Mount Touch, a web-based UI, and the SYS control App.

Powersoft’s ArmoníaPlus system design tool relies on an object-based approach that enables integrators to easily configure the routing of sources and zones. It also enables the creation of different system configurations to be recalled, as well as to configure UI system controls with a pre-defined layout that doesn’t require any programming, or to create custom ones.

The software can be used as a configuration tool allowing the users to operate the system by using local control devices only.

WM Touch UI and Powersoft’s install amps, such as the Mezzo, are suited to small- / medium-sized, multi-zone dynamic music distribution systems that don’t specifically require paging or ducking features.

The Powersoft dynamic music distribution system can also be integrated into larger applications where input mixing, advanced processing, and controls are managed by third-party platforms.

A series of dynamic music distribution system launch events will take place on Thursday 18th March at 9am (CEST), 3pm (CEST), and 8pm (CEST). Register here >>

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