Powersoft debuts linear transducer at ISE 2019

Powersoft has unveiled its new linear transducer, Mover.

Mover can be used in audio applications and as a linear motor/shaker. 

The new linear transducer is available in two versions – Direct Drive and Inertial Drive. 
Direct Drive anchors the transducer to an immovable surface, with a moving magnet connected to a movable surface, such as a floating floor or chair. 
Direct Drive can also create an offset of +/- 15mm, causing the surface to shake and move to induce the sensation of falling off or jumping over an object. 

The Inertial Drive can be mounted to a surface, exciting the surface and extending the low frequency experience. 
Mover is also available in a low impedance and 100 Volt version and can be used with a Powersoft amplifier with an updated firmware version..
A specific subharmonic generator plug-in has been added, with a new algorithm transposing the pitch of the frequencies down in order to reproduce low frequency extension down to 5Hz.  

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