Powersoft couples new M-Force with reference designs

Powersoft has further developed its M-Force linear transducer with the M-Force 301PO2, which the audio manufacturer has introduced along with its associate reference designs.

The M-Force linear transducer was released in 2013 when it was hailed as reaching well below conventional frequency range and chosen for high efficiency, high SPL low-frequency sound reinforcement applications.

With the latest release, Powersoft says it wants to open up the technology for use to a wide range of audio developers, from AV professionals to amateur speaker builders.

The 301P02 is a complete solution designed to enable all levels of speaker builders to incorporate the M-Force into any design, both in self-powered and passive configurations.

The motor is factory matched to a purposely built diaphragm, through a newly designed coupling and a lightweight chassis, that also improves thermal dissipation, while the addition of a front spider further stabilises the design.

The new reference designs have been created by Powersoft to help users increase the SPL capabilities of their systems, whether they are speaker builders, sound system owners, or installation professionals. All of the designs are free and come along with a cut list and presets that can be managed using the company’s ArmoníaPlus software.

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