Powersoft bolsters amplifier monitoring software

Powersoft has bolstered its Armonía Pro Audio Suite of amplifier monitoring software with version 2.3.0.

The tools allow on-line or off-line system setup and tuning, real-time management and monitoring of all vital functions from a remote PC via a single graphical user interface.

The new release includes a set of features designed to improve usability and increase integration with the Powersoft product portfolio.

LivingWorkspace is a component that allows an overview of the whole system status on the workspace obtaining information about signal presence, muting, gain reduction and clipping instantaneously.

Link state and alarms state are also visible looking at the amplifiers' icons (border and background respectively).

It is now possible to identify the amplifiers at a glance directly from the "Remote Entities" window. Using the same window users can check the firmware version and receive notifications in order to keep the amplifiers always updated.

The new system also offers complete integration of the Powersoft rack amplifiers product portfolio with the M Series and the Ottocanali in their DSP version.

Powersoft power modules have also been integrated allowing control and monitoring of a mixed system consisting of passive and active speakers with the common Powersoft Class-D technology.

The Network Manager allows handling of a multi-network interface through functions of device start, stop and discover.

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